• Akua Liquid Pigment 4 Oz Diarylide Yellow VROUOIFOE

High-quality soy-based inkCan also be applied with brayer for -relief printmaking -monotype and moreWill print from any Plastic, Wood, Linoleum or Metal plateMade with high-quality lightfast pigmentsHas a thick consistency with minimal water content

Akua Liquid Pigment has a rich working consistency ideal for all monotype techniques. It stays wet on the plate for a very long time, allowing many hours to create an image.

Use it right out of the bottle for brushwork or for rolling up thin coats of ink onto monotype plates. Add Tack Thickener to thicken Akua Liquid Pigment or air-thicken for heavier applications if necessary.

Akua Liquid Pigment is made with the highest quality light-fast pigments in a gum-based binder. Without chalk or suspending agents, Akua Liquid Pigment allows the brilliance of each color to really come through.

Colours are exceptionally strong yet transparent. Akua Liquid Pigment's thin viscosity makes it ideal for printing many layers of ink on top of each other. It can also be used with Akua Intaglio for multi-plate overlays or viscosity monotypes.

Akua Liquid Pigment prints well on dry paper or damp paper. It cleans up easily with water. Originally developed for monotype printmaking, Akua Liquid Pigment can also be used for other techniques such as Japanese hanga woodblock and drawing on paper.

Akua Liquid Pigment's high pigment load and wide selection of colours makes it great for tinting Akua Intaglio ink or Akua Intaglio Transparent Base.

Akua Liquid Pigment 4 Oz Diarylide Yellow VROUOIFOE

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Akua Liquid Pigment 4 Oz Diarylide Yellow VROUOIFOE

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